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At Delta Extrax, we strive to create high-quality, premium Hemp-derived THC products at the pricing that you deserve. We encourage you to maintain your healthy lifestyle while creating the products that allow you to do so.


We strive to ensure the quality and purity of every batch by submitting our extracts for third-party lab testing. For more information on our lab testing, feel free to reach out or visit our Lab Results page.

Check Out Our Lab Results:





Savage CBD (Discontinued)



Adios Blend: THCA + Delta-9P Live Resin

Apple Fritter Batch AF0323 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Berry Pie Batch BP0323 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Grape Kush Batch GK0323 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Tangie Banana Batch TB0323 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Delta-8 Original Line

Banana Candy Kush Batch BC0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Banana Candy Kush Batch BC0222 – Lab Results

Banana Candy Kush Batch BC0122– Lab Results

Blue Dream Batch BD0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Blue Dream Batch BD0222 – Lab Results

Blue Dream Batch BD0122– Lab Results

Cali Orange Kush Batch CO0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Cali Orange Kush Batch CO0222 – Lab Results

Cali Orange Kush Batch CO0122– Lab Results

Grand Daddy Purp Batch GD0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Grand Daddy Purp Batch GD0222– Lab Results

Grand Daddy Purp Batch GD0122– Lab Results

Razzberry Kush Batch RK0222 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Razzberry Kush Batch RK0222 – Lab Results

Razzberry Kush Batch RK0122– Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Batch SC0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Strawberry Cough Batch SC0222 – Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Batch SC0122– Lab Results

Delta 8 DEA Accredited Lab –Lab Results

Delta Extrax Vitamin E Acetate – Lab Results

Delta-8 THC Live Resin

Berry Gelato Batch BY0822 – Lab Results

Cali Kush Batch CA0822 – Lab Results

Green Crack Batch GR0822 –Lab Results

Delta-10 Euphorica Collection

Hawaiian Haze Batch HH0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Hawaiian Haze Batch HH0222 – Lab Results

Hawaiian Haze Batch HH0122 – Lab Results

Ice Cream Cookies Batch IC0822 – Lab Results

Ice Cream Cookies Batch IC021022 – Lab Results

Ice Cream Cookies Batch IC011022 – Lab Results

Maui Wowie Batch MW0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Maui Wowie Batch MW021022 – Lab Results

Maui Wowie Batch MW011022 – Lab Results

Delta-11 THC (HXY11-THC)

24K Gold Punch Batch 50167 – Lab Results

GSC Batch 50168 – Lab Results

Mimosa Batch 50168 – Lab Results

Goliath Pods

Berry Blue Batch BB0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Hawaiian Snow Batch HS0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

London Pound Cake Batch LP0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Lights Out Collection: THCH + THCJD

Banana Runtz Batch BR0223

Birthday Cake Batch BC0223

Double Bubble OG DO0223

Double Bubble OG DB0423

Grape Ape Batch GA0223

Grape Ape Batch GA0423

Tangie Sunrise Batch TS0223

Tangie Sunrise Batch TS0423

Splats Collection: HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC

Banana Crack Batch BC0123 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Blue Cookies Batch SC0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Obama Runtz Batch PR0123 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Panama Red Batch PR0123 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Thins Collection: THC-X THC-B PHC

Cherry Bomb Batch CB1122

Kypto Kronic Batch KK1122

Wedding Crasher Batch WC1122

Zombi Extrax: Delta 8 + PHC 

Purple Urkel Batch PR1022

Tropicana Cookies Batch TC1022

Yellow Zushi Batch YZ1022


Pie Hoe Batch PH021022

Pie Hoe Batch PH021022

Pie Hoe Batch PH011022 

Super Silver Haze Batch SH50713

Super Silver Haze Batch SH021022

Super Silver Haze Batch SH011022 


Blue Widow Batch BW0822 – Lab Results

Blue Widow Batch BW0222 – Lab Results

Blue Widow Batch BW0122 – Lab Results

Cherry Pie Batch CP0822 – Lab Results

Cherry Pie Batch CP0222 – Lab Results

Cherry Pie Batch CP0122 – Lab Results

Honeyroot Extrax: Live Resin HHC + HHC-O + HHC-P

Platinum Cookies Batch 0922

Super Boof Batch 0922

Wedding Crashers Batch 0922


Space Candy Batch SC0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Sunset Sherbet Batch SH0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Tropical Zkittlez Batch TZ0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Ocho Extrax

Straw Nanna Batch SN0822

Straw Nanna Batch SN0222

Straw Nanna Batch SN0122 


Goji OG Batch GJ0222 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Goji OG Batch GJ0222 – Lab Results

Goji OG Batch GJ0122 – Lab Results

Lemon Jack Batch LJ0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Lemon Jack Batch LJ0222 – Lab Results

Lemon Jack Batch LJ0122 – Lab Results

Torch Extrax

Champagne Breath Batch CB0922

Champagne Breath Batch CB0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Champagne Breath Batch CB0722 – Lab Results

Dosi Punch Batch DS0922

Dosi Punch Batch DS0822– Lab Results (Full Panel)

Dosi Punch Batch DS0722– Lab Results

Laughing Gas Batch LG0922

Laughing Gas Batch LG0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Laughing Gas Batch LG0722 – Lab Results

Paradise OG Batch PD0922

Paradise OG Batch PD0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Paradise OG Batch PD0722 – Lab Results

Treetop Extrax

Berry White Batch BE0922

Berry White Batch BY030122
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